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Pregnancy journey of the women

Pregnancy journey of the women:

Growing up the baby is thought as the difficult thing but all will forget about the pregnancy journey of the mother best pack and play with bassinet. It is the most interesting phase than the growing up of the baby. They will undergo many changes as physical and mental. Some can overcome the situation easily but some others won’t. The main thing is, their family members need to support her throughout the pregnancy journey. Each women’s pregnancy will be different and interesting, some will go smooth and some other will be difficult. Because some women will have vomiting issues and gestational diabetes.

During that time, they can’t be active and fully fed up with health issues too, but they easily overcome by the baby’s growth and their movements. During the whole journey the pregnant lady will think about the baby’s growth in her womb and enjoy the life although she faces the health issues. Each month some physical changes will occur to the women her weight will be increasing, she will become fat, etc., this will indicate that baby is growing healthy in her womb and her body is preparing for the delivery.

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Why baby movements need to be calculated?

The whole pregnancy journey is divided into three tricksters. During the first trimester women’s need to be very careful in their moves. It is known as basic development stage of the baby; baby will be so small and there will be no proper organs growth happened on the first trimester baby journey blog. Then on the second trimester baby will grow somewhat big. The organs will be developed fully during the 5th month and we can identify the gender of the baby on that month. But still babies go developing stages. From the 6th month, the mother will feel the kicks of the baby. It is known as the movements of the baby. During the journey of five months, baby will move but we can’t feel it clearly because baby will be small to feel the moves. During the last trimester, that is third trimester baby will be fully grown up and mother can expect delivery at any time. Some women may have delivery at the 7th month and the baby is called preterm baby. 

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Due to some health conditions of mother and baby this will happen. So, the mother needs to calculate the baby’s move very carefully to avoid these issues. Some health issues like cord around the baby’s neck, increase or decrease of the heart rate, water level in the womb, diabetes, shortness of breath, etc., will lead to the decrease of the baby’s move. At some point baby will stop moving further. To avoid these issues mother needs to calculate the movements with keen, for an hour the moves should be around 10. If the moves are 2 or 3, the mother can wait for another one hour. Again, if the moves are less or she can’t feel any movements, they need to rush to the hospital at once without delay because it will lead to life threatening issues to the baby and mother.