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You Will Not Believe That These Are Replica Cars On Pontiac Fiero Gt

In 1983 Pontiac launched a sports car on the market 1bet2you that nobody imagined what it was going to achieve. Despite its name, Fiero was not by far one of the most powerful American sports cars, but it was built on replicas of the most powerful cars in the world of its time.

Few cars have had a less deserved fate than the Pontiac Fiero , a car that was very revolutionary in the US as well as risky. First mass-produced American car with a rear mid-engine, massive use of fiberglass on a steel frame, a very competitive price… not bad.

Between 1983 and 1988 almost 400,000 copies were sold, which is not bad for a car with only two seats and modest mechanics by American standards.

Precisely because of its abundance and its price, the Fiero became the preferred base for countless preparers to carry out transformations of all kinds, mainly replicas, which is what we are going to talk about here.

The Pontiac Fiero is a car that you could almost say was designed to do anything about its frame. Its body is composed of fiber panels that are mounted on a steel chassis and it is relatively easy to mold new panels and mount them on that structure, shaping a completely different car.

In case this conception of its bodywork was not already an advantage, the Pontiac Fiero was designed with a mechanical arrangement of a rear central engine, like the best sports cars of the time, so we already have all the ingredients to have the perfect Lego to transform it into whatever we want.

The big explosion of modifications came when the 1985 2.8 liter V6 version of the GT versions with 140 hp was added instead of the 98 hp of the 4-cylinder versions, in addition to a more pleasant sound and a greater enjoyment of operation.

Pontiac fierce mera

As soon as the Pontiac Fiero was presented on the market, many realized that that car was a gold mine. In addition, another ingredient was given to make the soup perfect: the success of the “Magnum” series in which the main detective used a red Ferrari 308.

Pontiac Fiero replicas: Ferrari and Lamborghini, the favorites

Taking into account that the brand itself offered a kit to convert a Pontiac Fiero into a Ferrari 308, it is clear that most of the replicas born from a Fiero are going to be Ferraris. Here the imagination has no limits and there are replicas of practically every mid-engined Ferrari, from the 308 to the Ferrari F40 itself .

Pontiac Fiero replicas: even for Dolph Lundgren

The replicas on the Pontiac Fiero are so abundant and popular that it is very likely that you have even been given a hoax in a movie. In some, the “muleto” that they use for stunts is not very noticeable, but there are those that cannot be more blatant.…